The Beginning

Firstly, I don’t know one thing about blogspots and how they work so this is completely a new experience. I have read other people’s and thought it is a cool way of getting to know people and express yourself.  The problem was getting started:  links to blogspots are often quite expensive and it seems there is very little that can be done on a free site…. I had believed there were sites with adverts so they were paid for that way but I have not found one yet.  Then I try a site out and it shows me a beautiful page, then asks for cash.  So after googling, I finally found wordpress and wonder how far the 3GB will go?  I really have no concept of that.

I am obviously doing the first blog to try it out and see how it works.  Why?  I have no idea whether I can save and publish later or whether I send it straight to facebook, so I will see what happens after I have rambled for a while.   I don’t really know what is meant by add media, or what all the buttons do, so this might look strange in the beginning.

My reasons for blogging….  the first is because  I have just spent a day going round in circles and screaming at everyone I know for help.  The world is a strange place to me even after fifty odd years.  Every time I feel I have made friends, or found a home, I am rejected and I am off on my travels again, wondering if the next time will work.  Today, I really do not know what I did but then I never do….  it is not a sob story but a fact.  Really.  I cannot seem to join others as a team and be part of it without being thrown to the winds calling for help and begging to know why….. so I think if I create my own blog, then I do not have  a group of people to offend.  Simple.  Only, it often seems straightforward.

Another reason is because I have heard that there are people online encouraging others to use a dangerous substance as a “cure” for children with autism.  I haven’t managed to enter these domains to check it out but there has been a suggestion that if many wrote a blog and joined a team, we could out this dangerous people… this will be the aim of my next blog and I will be finding out more about the substance CD inbetween now and then.

The world is a curious place to me and the blog will be exploring both of the above… where I fit in, or if I don’t and why there are a group of people selling a dangerous substance legally.

Bye for now….